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It’s been quite a while since I last posted and you may be mistaken in thinking that I’d given up on everything. This is certainly not the case, although I’ve had to restrict things to a more theoretical level (aka, no money for prototypes), whilst making a living doing freelance 3D design and 3d printing consulting. The good news is that I have a better understanding of both human biology and of the skills I’ll need to make progress.

I will flesh this out in a subsequent and more in depth post (which is mostly written already and so shouldn’t take another 2 years until I post). For now I want to show off some of the freelance work I’ve done over the last few years. These include models that I’ve modelled from scratch, prepped for 3D printing, or renderings that I’ve made. I will use this post as a pivot towards making this site a bit more about the work that I do and that I’m interested in rather than just strictly within the prosthetics work. This should also mean that post updates become much more frequent.

Anyway here is some of my work.

If you would like me to create some work for you then reply to this post or message me directly.

Several pieces here, as well as a large number of other pieces are available on my shop on shapeways.

I designed a cosmetic hand for Hollie whilst my work on the Anthromod V2.0 hand continues. I based it on the 3D scan I already had and some photographs provided by her father. As time goes on I plan to refine the process and create the model from an actual hand rather than a casting. This would allow me to add the flesh textures instantly and avoid painting the textures in Blender.

IMG_2904b IMG_2909b

Hollie will be trying out the hand on Friday, so I will post an update then. I am also looking for anyone else interested in this type of cosmetic prosthesis. If you are, or know someone who is you can contact me via the contact us form. The ideal candidates will be those with a Transradial amputation just below the wrist, who have a complete other hand. Alternatively if they have a shortened forearm and small palm (like Hollie) I’ll take a look at it. If you don’t have a complete hand I may also be able to create a hand based on another’s hand, with the scale and skin tone matched.

Eventually I aim to offer this as a paid service, and I will begin a pre-order system soon. Either here or via a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo. Of course the great advantage of 3D printing is that once the modelling service is paid for the costs of a second hand are much lower. This compares very favourably with labour intensive methods such as silicone cosmetic prosthetics where the second hand costs the same as the first.

Here is a photo of the hand and socket post assembly and plus silicone processing. Loom bands optional.

Hollies hand

Hi everyone.

I'm happy to announce that I have launched my own 3D Hubs page. If you're in the UK I can print parts for you on my Lulzbot AO101 printer. If you're near Manchester you can even come pick them up once they're ready.

3D hubs page 2