Various holidays and work commitments finally resolved themselves and Hollie was able to come and try on the coloured hand. She was very happy with the results and it taking it home to try out more.

IMG_2920_2She also told me that she had been getting a lot from the earlier prototype I gave her. The stronger her arm became the more she could use the hand. So I’ve decided to slightly detour my plans and combine that prototype with this design and create the functional hand, hopefully within the next month.

If you know anyone else who is interested in this type of prosthetic then get in contact with me using the contact us form.

I designed a cosmetic hand for Hollie whilst my work on the Anthromod V2.0 hand continues. I based it on the 3D scan I already had and some photographs provided by her father. As time goes on I plan to refine the process and create the model from an actual hand rather than a casting. This would allow me to add the flesh textures instantly and avoid painting the textures in Blender.

IMG_2904b IMG_2909b

Hollie will be trying out the hand on Friday, so I will post an update then. I am also looking for anyone else interested in this type of cosmetic prosthesis. If you are, or know someone who is you can contact me via the contact us form. The ideal candidates will be those with a Transradial amputation just below the wrist, who have a complete other hand. Alternatively if they have a shortened forearm and small palm (like Hollie) I’ll take a look at it. If you don’t have a complete hand I may also be able to create a hand based on another’s hand, with the scale and skin tone matched.

Eventually I aim to offer this as a paid service, and I will begin a pre-order system soon. Either here or via a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo. Of course the great advantage of 3D printing is that once the modelling service is paid for the costs of a second hand are much lower. This compares very favourably with labour intensive methods such as silicone cosmetic prosthetics where the second hand costs the same as the first.

Here is a photo of the hand and socket post assembly and plus silicone processing. Loom bands optional.

Hollies hand

Hi everyone.

I'm happy to announce that I have launched my own 3D Hubs page. If you're in the UK I can print parts for you on my Lulzbot AO101 printer. If you're near Manchester you can even come pick them up once they're ready.

3D hubs page 2

User zrileys on thingiverse went and printed out the draft of the Anthromod V2.0 hand. It's not functional but it does look cool.

Regarding the state of the design. I find myself having to go back to the drawing board quite a lot with this design, in order to iron out issues with the constraints. For example a phalange bone would take 15 minutes to design if all I was concerned about was how that particular design looked and functioned. Creating it with a series of parameters and constraints in order to give it the flexibility I want, and also naming them logically and linking them togther takes a several hours at least, including testing.

Then there's the issue of making it easy for someone (aka hopeful future buyers) to set it up with their own settings. Deciding which parameters are needed, without overloading potential clients is a big issue. There's still the thumb to design as well.

There are also some ideas I'm eager to implement but would need the design printed in SLS Nylon. These would use the elastic aspect of the SLS nylon as the return spring. Unfortunately this wouldn't behave the same if it was printed in ABS or PLA.

My biggest issue is getting the time and energy to work on the project after I've finished with the freelancing and the other random stuff I have to deal with everyday.


Additionally I've also set up a print shop on 3D hubs. I've spent the last couple of weeks printing out some representative pieces that I aim to upload photos of today.

So I've been working on the mechanics of the fingers a bit more and I'll share the update.

You can download the fusion 360 file from here. It still need a lot of work and I'm still working on the best way to combine the thumb and wrist area. An stl is available on thingiverse at


It's been my dream for a while now to make a prosthetic hand that is highly adaptable and yet mechanically sound. I've been using Fusion 360 for this task and below is an embedded link to a very basic test.

With these sorts of parametric systems it is very easy to get lost or put parameters in the wrong places. Hence I am ensuring that certain basic elements work before I start to get fancy with nice organic designs.

You can download a version that you can play with at

A reminder that I am still running a gofundme campaign for Hollies Hand. The above work I am doing is also connected to my prosthetics work. By having such a flexible hand design system I can make a hand that fits a scanned hand as opposed to fitting the mechanics to each individual hand manually (or more manually anyway).

Here is Hollies hand fundraising page.

If you can't donate then please share with your friends.


Hi everyone.

Now to fund my continued work on Hollies hand I've chosen to launch a campaign.

PageSo please share this amongst yourselves.

I also uploaded a video from a test I did on one of the prototypes.



It's quite basic and the torque required on the joints is higher than I would like. I fixed that in version5 but introduced more issues.

Anyway I'll be moving on to a hybrid version with pin joint bones surrounded by 3D printed elastic plastic skin. This would combine the strength of the joints with an elastic outer layer a bit like the flexy hand E-nable hand model. The problem is that it comes at extra cost and complexity. It should set me up well though for when multi-material printers start to mature.

I've been working on Hollies hand since the 3rd versions mechanism wasn't suitable. Here are some renders courtesy Blenders cycles render engine.



















This version made a number of changes to the finger hinges to try and make them easier to move. I also removed tendon tubes from the inside the palm to reduce resistance to the tendons.

I also moved the thumb to an angle which would be more suitable for grasping. I also removed it's ability to move since it just added more resistance to the mechanism.

I moved the hinge to the palm to the back of the hand which again should help the tendons move.

The tendon anchors worked well so I kept them from the 3rd version. There are now only 4 tendons but 5 possible anchor. I could have removed one, but the tendon routing would have been more difficult and made it look unbalanced. Also +1 to redundancy. 


Now I should be getting this on star wars day (may the 4th). It should take a day or so to add padding and tendons and then hopefully testing can begin.

Ok this is much more important than a new website look!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been announced with a new trailer. I played the Original Deus Ex 14-15 years ago and it had a very formative experience on me. Deus Ex: Human Revolution added quite a large amount of fuel to the fire that drives my interest in prosthetics.

So I'm happy to announce the websites new look. The original design had hints of the 2000's about it and so I hope this new design brings it up to about the 2011-12 period.

On some other news the freelancing is picking up pace and so I should have more money to put into development work.

Now the photo of the website for social media linking and those on mobile etc etc.


website new image