I should soon be receiving a batch of test prints for the artificial muscle designs. A big thanks to Susan from Rigid.ink, who was able and willing to print out so many parts. These parts have been printed in PLA and PVA. The PVA parts are designed to dissolve inside the muscles and leave them with a more complex internal structure, than otherwise possible. I am also testing a number of flat muscles which will have parallel or converging fibres, as well as single or multichamber designs.

I will need to build a form of Universal testing machine to test these designs out properly.


I’ve already got ideas for what next to try, and I’ve decided to focus on the face and head muscles for now. These are smaller, but just as complex. I’ve gotten a skull model now that I can start taking measurements on and so it shouldn’t take long to start making designs, once testing is done.

Plus it might open up options for animatronic design.