Various holidays and work commitments finally resolved themselves and Hollie was able to come and try on the coloured hand. She was very happy with the results and it taking it home to try out more.

IMG_2920_2She also told me that she had been getting a lot from the earlier prototype I gave her. The stronger her arm became the more she could use the hand. So I’ve decided to slightly detour my plans and combine that prototype with this design and create the functional hand, hopefully within the next month.

If you know anyone else who is interested in this type of prosthetic then get in contact with me using the contact us form.

One Response to Hollie came to try on her new hand

  • Nate Andresmooi says:

    Have you seen the new flexible filament? Opens up new options for joints less reliant on slip fit joints and tolerances. The filament I am looking at using is called Ninja Flex but i believe there is more than one variety. (College of Engineering student designing another prosthetic)