Monthly Archives: July 2015

User zrileys on thingiverse went and printed out the draft of the Anthromod V2.0 hand. It's not functional but it does look cool.

Regarding the state of the design. I find myself having to go back to the drawing board quite a lot with this design, in order to iron out issues with the constraints. For example a phalange bone would take 15 minutes to design if all I was concerned about was how that particular design looked and functioned. Creating it with a series of parameters and constraints in order to give it the flexibility I want, and also naming them logically and linking them togther takes a several hours at least, including testing.

Then there's the issue of making it easy for someone (aka hopeful future buyers) to set it up with their own settings. Deciding which parameters are needed, without overloading potential clients is a big issue. There's still the thumb to design as well.

There are also some ideas I'm eager to implement but would need the design printed in SLS Nylon. These would use the elastic aspect of the SLS nylon as the return spring. Unfortunately this wouldn't behave the same if it was printed in ABS or PLA.

My biggest issue is getting the time and energy to work on the project after I've finished with the freelancing and the other random stuff I have to deal with everyday.


Additionally I've also set up a print shop on 3D hubs. I've spent the last couple of weeks printing out some representative pieces that I aim to upload photos of today.

So I've been working on the mechanics of the fingers a bit more and I'll share the update.

You can download the fusion 360 file from here. It still need a lot of work and I'm still working on the best way to combine the thumb and wrist area. An stl is available on thingiverse at