Monthly Archives: January 2015

Some of you may now about Bioloids.

These are cute little humanoid robots designed for research and playing football, although there may be some other uses. Anyway I noticed that they lacked one thing… well ok two things…. in the form of hands. Yes you can put together some parts to make a gripper, but it’s a bit large and not as anthropomorphic as the rest of the bot. I decided to remedy this, and thanks to Trossen robotics putting the CAD parts online I got to playing around with it. It turned out to be surprisingly easy to design parts that would fit. Since I don’t have a Bioloid, or a spare servo I can’t really test this, but I might end up putting it on shapeways.

Design1-R2 Design1-R3 Design1-R4 Design1-R5 Design1-R6 Design1-R1


In other news I am still working on the full size prosthesis for Hollie, as well as the conventional robot hand. I’m just working on the kinks regarding the nylon printed springs. It’s proving to be very much a goldilocks thing, where no designs yet are just right.

One big issue is the hysteresis of the spring. It starts at position A, moved to position C, but doesn’t move back to A, but partway between them to B. Luckily movement between B and C is reliable and¬†predictable. The problem is that if I print in position A I need to know that position B will be ok.