Monthly Archives: October 2013

Well things have been a bit stressful over here, but progress has been made. I sent out the first of the full working hand rewards on Kickstarter. Yahoo!

I tested it first with the shapeways printed hands, of which I made a video.

As always the hands are available here. I’ve learned a few things from their assembly, mostly how to make assembly go smoother, which I’ll add to the files shortly.

As a short break from all this hand building I decided to mess around with stewart platforms and hexapods.

A video of some stewart platform tests.

My thingiverse page for the stewart platform and the mini hexapod.

The mini hexapod is also online on Shapeways.

A pic of it9g hexapod mini

Also a pic of its big brother, to come soon.

Large Hexapod

I’ll be getting back to assembling the Kickstarter hands soon. Easton is back from his speaking tour of South Africa, so hopefully we can get some things out sooner.