Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Kickstarter is alive!!! The kickstarter is currently live here.

Let’s make the future happen!

Kickstarter page

Ok so we got word back from kickstarter. We needed to change one thing, and then it was ok to go. I also tweaked some elements and improved some information about the project and where we hope to improve the hand in future.

Ooh that launch button is soo tempting!

Ok so we pressed the subit button about 26 hours ago and… well no word yet. Hopefully it’ll be up soon.

Before then you might like this

You can’t really see it there, but the design tweaks I made to the robohand have been incorporated.

It’s clearer here as well as at the top of that page. Glad to see that more kids are being helped by this.

In the very final stretches of launching the campaign. Well kickstarter needs to ok it, which could take hours or days. Hopefully the former.