I am expanding to take on custom 3D design work. A new menu item is now available on the website now.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Designing for 3D printing.
  • Product design.
  • Biomimcry in designs.

My conditions will be as follows.

  • £10 an hour (as of writing $15.24, 11.56 euro)
  • I will give you a quote, based solely upon the description/drawings given in our discussion before first payment.
  • Half the quote to be payable up front.
  • Second half to be payable after sending renderings.
  • Stl files to be sent upon full payment.
  • Any changes before full payment, will require a re-quote, and the difference between new quote and original quote to be paid upfront.
  • Any changes after full payment and receipt of Stl file, will require new quote and payment up front.
  • Agreement that I may use design renderings for promotional/advertising purposes, unless explicitly requested otherwise. Your models will always remain confidential.
  • I retain the right to withdraw from work at any point.
  • I can alter my conditions at any point.

If you’re interested contact me at anthromod@gmail.com

Payment via Paypal – email address to be given with quote.