It looks wonderful. Tbh I almost wish I’d spent more time adding useless but cool detail. However there is one big drawback. The 0.5mm gap I’d left apparently was not enough this time and the joints are fused.

I’ve not given up hope yet since the way the 3D printing works means that the nylon powder in the 0.5mm gap is likely to have recieved less energy than its neighbours, meaning that less sintering occurred and it is more weakly bound. I also read that the powder on the surface is less fused than that deeper down (from someone DIY polishing WSF). So I’ve been spending time with a scalpel cutting into the seams of the joints. This wasn’t allowing it to move, so I’m combining it with plan B.

I checked the material resistances of Nylon and discovered that it does dissolve in acids. Now the particles deep down are more solidly combined, so I expect less surface area than those at the surface, and those bunging up the joints. I don’t have any lab grade acids around so tonight had to make do with Lemonade, carbonated water and Vitamin C tablets. I’ve dunked the fingers into that concoction and will leave it over night. Tbh I don’t know if it’ll have any effect or not.

If that doesn’t work then I’ll go get plan C. Acetic acid, aka Vinegar. I hope it doesn’t come to that, partly becuase plan B will smell so much nicer than plan C!

I’ll be putting some pics up tomorrow.