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A few months ago I was contacted by Rich and Ivan, about helping design a prosthetic hand for people who’ve lost fingers. Alas I wasn’t able to commit my time to it back then. However they recently posted on thingiverse their 3d printed prosthetic used by a boy called liam. I took the Stl’s and rebuilt them in .dwg format, and then tweaked them for aesthetics. I uploaded it to thingiverse here.

A vid of Liam using Rich and Ivan’s prosthesis.

So this is something I’ve just sent to Shapeways to be printed. It’s very similar to the design I sent to Easton, except optimised for shapeways printers advantages. Hopefully it will arrive in 2 weeks, so I should have alot of good pictures and vids to upload.

Forwardcover offback

I’ll quickly show what Easton has printed.

CAM00191 CAM00192 CAM00193

Looking pretty awesome if I don’t say!

We’re still at the bug fixing stage. We need to get the servos added and moving. Also need to add some better attachment points, to hold it all together, but it should be all sorted in a few weeks. I’ve also designed a shoulder for an entire arm, and will begin work soon on an upper arm and elbow. I’ve also been improving the design, as well as making it possible to be printed in one piece!

William was kind enough to send me a video of the piano finger being tested. This shows the action of the lower half of the finger. The tendon for which is run through the ball joint of the knuckle. The advantage of 3d printing being that complicated geometry and mechanisms can be printed in place with little or no assembly required.

I’m messing around with the webiste. Trying to simplify things for myself. Hopefully it will be sorted with as little hassle as possible.

So the work with Easton is moving along well. Printing has started on the forearm, which is looking very sleek and shiny.

Hand Schematic CAM00134 CAM00133

The Piano playing finger for Drexel Uni has been delivered and being put through it’s paces.IMG_20130107_181909IMG_20130107_181836

I’ve also converted the hand for Easton into some printable sculptures on Shapeways. They come in two sizes, Life size and half life size (approx 10cm tall). The hands have various poses. These being open, fist and rock on!

So I uploaded a schematic before but now I’ll upload a photo from the hand as printed. I’m still working on the forearm, and should have that sorted in the next few days.

Photo whole hand (Medium)