Monthly Archives: December 2012

So I thought I might upload a little teaser schematic for one of the hands I’m working on.



This hand is designed in mind for a fdm printer (eg makerbot, reprap etc), although there’re aesthetic elements to it that can only be achieved via SLS type printer. I plan to alter it so that it too can be printed in one piece.

Ok so disappointing news first. My Mech hand doesn’t work so well. Essentially when designing these prints I need to leave a gap between the parts, to avoid them fusing. With shapeways SWF this is 0.5mm. Now for a simgle joint this is fine. For the bar linkage mechanism, this was fine. However once I added the servo linkage mechanism, the combined wiggle room of all the joints, combined with SWF granularity, and positioning of one of the joints, essentially lead to a juddery sticky finger movement that would get jammed if the hand closed the whole way. I know how I can fix things, and improve matters, but I don’t have the disposable cash that I used to.

Ok so the 2 pieces of good news are that I printed out two artistic designs that work nicely. One is a small Atlas figurine, holding a globe, that I made in Zbrush. This is really a rather neat little model, and I’ve already had interest in it.

The second art piece is a Robot hand phone dock. Now admittedly this holds the phone ok, but there isn’t a mechanism to hold the usb cable, but one should be able to fit. I think I’ll update the file later to include this, and test it later.











Ok so the great news is that I’ve started work on a new hand with Easton LaChappelle. He’s the guy who built the glove controlled robot arm, which has been on quite a few news sites and featured in places like Popular Mechanics. I’m desigining the parts for 3D printing. It should be highly functional and with an organic shape. It’s also on a firmer financial footing than my project so far, which is a relief.