Monthly Archives: August 2012

Ok I’m the first to admit that videos and the electronic parts of this project are not my forte. I believe that this is a major reason why I haven’t got as much traction in the community as I’d like.

I therefor offer a chance for a free (or heavily discounted) Mk3 hand, on the basis that it is used in a manner that is publically visible (eg youtube video) and the anthromod name is mentioned. If you have a background in robotics or the maker/hacker community, and have a background of producing videos of your projects, then get in touch via the comments below.

Or you can send me an email at “websitename” (trying to avoid unecessary spam).

I’m anticipating the Mk3 to be available around early september. Here’s a quick render of the finger covers to give you a taste.


Ok I realised that it was kinda stupid to try and build a community to talk about and develop the anthromod designs if there was no place for a community to actually form! So from now on we have a forum to discuss the project, as well as general 3d printing, robotics, future stuff etc.

My site wasn’t designed with a forum to test, and so aesthetically it’s not the best, but functionally it should be all there. Will try and make it look better once I figure out exactly which parts to fiddle with.

So I’ve received the finger test parts from shapeways. Good news is that parts of each work,  I just need to design a finger with all the parts that work! That really isn’t a big deal so I can justify incorporating the design into the whole hand.

A moving story about 3d printing an exoskeleton for a young girl with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. This results in stiff joints and underdeveloped muscles.