Monthly Archives: July 2012

Ok I’d seen the arm a while back in a video, but I hadn’t seen this ‘making of vid’ before.

Ok all cards on the table, I’m a massive Deus Ex fan. The first and third games had some profound effects on me. If my Mk3 hand looks anywhere near as cool as this then I’ll be well on the way to completing a life goal! Of course they had the rotten advantage in that theirs didn’t actually have to move.

I’ve decided to open up some of my previous designs. They can be found here. I’ve also uploaded a few Mk3 finger tests. These aren’t likely to be the final designs but are testing key components and so should give a flavour as to the final look.

Also it seems that Bre liked the Mk2 hand. That’s Bre Pettis of makerbot fame. 🙂

Oh some good news in that Kickstarter is coming to the UK. Tbh indiegogo has the feel of a ghost town, especially for tech projects.

Hi everyone. I have made the decision to reduce the price on the anthromod store.


The Anthromod Mk2 printed parts are now available for 124 euro.

The Anthromod Mk1.1 printed parts are now available for 82 euro.


All other products are also reduced.