So The Mk3 hand will have all the strengths and none of the weaknesses of my first two designs, but it will also have another feature. It will have removable covers… the basic cover will be open for anyone else to use and add to… ok still not interested?


Ok so I did a few mock ups in zbrush. I did this in an afternoon and I’m still learning zbrush so anyone can do it!

So imagine that this can be applied to not just finger but the whole hand. As long as it has 4 fingers and a thumb you can make it look your own. Ok at most 4 fingers and one thumb, if you start using a hacksaw.


Oh to all makers out there, you’re not limited to aesthetic designs with zbrush. You can make attachments for electronics and sensors. An early design I had for the hand involved gripping two very small pcb’s to each finger segment. One above and one below. They would be attached by standard pcb interconnects. The bottom board had sensors and the top electronics and communication. Anyway it didn’t get too far since I was working on getting other elements of the design working. But with the new cover system it and other methods should be possible.


Oh I plan to put up a quick video on youtube tonight. Will just be me talking about the indiegogo campaign and plans for the Mk3. So far my first youtube vid has netted me the most hits… hits good.