So I’ve updated the shop to include direct links to my shapeways products. The code is via the shapeways labs and still seems a bit glitchy but basically works.

I’ve simplified the rewards for the indiegogo campaign somewhat.

They are as follows

$1- List of supporters on the anthromod website.

$15- PDF poster of the Mk3

$30- A3 Poster of the Mk3 in sci fi display style or in Leonardo da vinci style.

$35- Both posters of the Mk3.

$50- As with $35, but with 1 month access to 30% off Anthromod products, once Mk3 is available.

$300- As with $50, but with voucher that allows you to get the Mk3

$320- As with $300, but with equipment for tendons mailed with Posters.

$500- As with $320, Mk3 with including tendons, servos, servo anchors, power supply and arduino. Left or Right on request.

$900- As with $500 but two hands. R&L,  L&L or R&R

Alas i.materialise thought the Mk2 was too complicated to do in titanium, so the Mk3 probably wouldn’t fair any better. Besides looking at the cost of much smaller titanium objects makes me wonder if even the $10,000 dollar reward level would have been high enough!