So I’m working on getting my indiegogo campaign ready. So basically the video script, and such. I keep trying to do a mock up of the Mk3 but at a certain point I’m putting so much effort into that, that I might as well try and outright design the Mk3. I’ve decided to upload a partial mock up, to give a sort of aesthetic sense of what I’m going for.

So the underlying hand will be rather skeletal, and terminator like. The tendons will be attached to this and so it could move just as is. I don’t plan to have the design open, for anyone to download yet, but I’ll talk about that later.

I will however design some coverings, that will clip onto the skeletal hand. These coverings will give the option to make the hand look, robotic, xenomorph, bionic, cybernetic or whatever! Now the basic covering I will make open, so that anyone can design their own coverings. So if you want it to look like a knights gauntlet you can.

Now interchangeable coverings also open up what I had planned to offer from the beginning… Sensors! There’s some interesting things going on with printable electronics, and paintable electronics. Your basic resistive sensor just needs some electrical traces. Capacitive needs traces plus insulating layer. This flexibility should be a huge boon to those who want to do really interesting things with this hand.

Coverings could also be made of silicone or that black rubbery substance that shapeways is testing.