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In the time I’ve had to work this week, I’ve been working on designs for the Mk3. Particularly I’ve been focusing on the joints, since joints are half the battle with this design.

I’m posting a pic of the joints between the proximal, intermediate and distal Phalanges (the two above the knuckle). I’m still making major changes on the knuckle, so should have that up soon.

Mk3 finger without coverings.

Mk3 finger design. Tip of the finger pointing lower left. This is the underlying finger, without coverings.

One interesting feature is that the parts that limit the fingers movement (so it doesn’t bend backwards) are hidden away within the joint. I plan to incorporate that into the knuckle as well.

So right after I started the indiegogo campaign, my wife went in labour. Since I try to keep this blog on a more professional level, I’ll say that I have a new model to test out autodesk 123 catch on! Other people do baby feet, I’ll make life size 3d prints of mine! It’s also in my ‘potential business ideas’ pot.

Also Indiegogo, Indiegogo, Indiegogo!

Hi everybody. I’ve launched the Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the Anthromod Mk3 Hand. I’ve set the target at $3000 since I believe this will enable me to make the fastest progress with the design.

Alas I’ve not been able to make a better vid yet. But I do have a good excuse! I’m about to become a father! This won’t affect the Mk3 design schedule, but it has made alotting time right now a little difficult.

So if you’re even slightly interested then donate $1. That will get you a mention on a special funders section of this site.

$15 will get you PDF’s of two posters for the Mk3 hand.

$30 (+ shipping if outside the UK) for one of the posters in A3 format.

So even a small contribution can get you something back.

Ok yes it is still hard, but like all things it is getting closer to the hobby level. Via hackaday comes this story of how to use an audio recorder to measure muscle nerve activity. Something that could be used for umm… controlling a prosthetic hand, or something.

Original page here.

Since I plan to offer posters at the lower levels, I thought it necessary to give you a hint of the kind of style I’m aiming for.

These are relavtively early attempts using the Mk1 and Mk2. With practice I hope to get it a lot better. Also the Mk3 will just look cooler anyway!

After messing around with scripts and then spending hours reading it out in front of a camera I eventually decide to just talk at it for a few minutes and see what happens. Now so can you!


Lacking enough detail so I’ll probably do it again. I need to get this ball rolling soon though.

So The Mk3 hand will have all the strengths and none of the weaknesses of my first two designs, but it will also have another feature. It will have removable covers… the basic cover will be open for anyone else to use and add to… ok still not interested?


Ok so I did a few mock ups in zbrush. I did this in an afternoon and I’m still learning zbrush so anyone can do it!

So imagine that this can be applied to not just finger but the whole hand. As long as it has 4 fingers and a thumb you can make it look your own. Ok at most 4 fingers and one thumb, if you start using a hacksaw.


Oh to all makers out there, you’re not limited to aesthetic designs with zbrush. You can make attachments for electronics and sensors. An early design I had for the hand involved gripping two very small pcb’s to each finger segment. One above and one below. They would be attached by standard pcb interconnects. The bottom board had sensors and the top electronics and communication. Anyway it didn’t get too far since I was working on getting other elements of the design working. But with the new cover system it and other methods should be possible.


Oh I plan to put up a quick video on youtube tonight. Will just be me talking about the indiegogo campaign and plans for the Mk3. So far my first youtube vid has netted me the most hits… hits good.

So I’ve updated the shop to include direct links to my shapeways products. The code is via the shapeways labs and still seems a bit glitchy but basically works.

I’ve simplified the rewards for the indiegogo campaign somewhat.

They are as follows

$1- List of supporters on the anthromod website.

$15- PDF poster of the Mk3

$30- A3 Poster of the Mk3 in sci fi display style or in Leonardo da vinci style.

$35- Both posters of the Mk3.

$50- As with $35, but with 1 month access to 30% off Anthromod products, once Mk3 is available.

$300- As with $50, but with voucher that allows you to get the Mk3

$320- As with $300, but with equipment for tendons mailed with Posters.

$500- As with $320, Mk3 with including tendons, servos, servo anchors, power supply and arduino. Left or Right on request.

$900- As with $500 but two hands. R&L,  L&L or R&R

Alas i.materialise thought the Mk2 was too complicated to do in titanium, so the Mk3 probably wouldn’t fair any better. Besides looking at the cost of much smaller titanium objects makes me wonder if even the $10,000 dollar reward level would have been high enough!

So I’m working on getting my crowdfunding campaign up and started. Alas most successful campaigns have well produced videos, with animations etc etc. I’ve been working on the script which I think may have been influenced a lot by the Prometheus Ted talk. Whether that’s a good thing is up to you lot.

I’m planning to make a set of zbrush animations of various coverings to show what could be done artistically speaking with the hand.

Ok so on to the rewards system. This is a bit dependent on how I plan to get the rewards out to the funders. For example shapeways doesn’t deliver to addresses outside the country of the billing address. So I might need to use their voucher system and give them to funders to then buy my designs. I.materialise on the other hand does ship to other countries, but I’ve not used their printers before. If I can avoid turning my home into a internet shipping hub, then horray!

Anyway onto the proposed rewards. Feedback is strongly appreciated.


$1- List of supporters on the anthromod website

$20- As with $1, but also a signed thank you letter.

$50- 1 month access to 10% off Anthromod products, once Mk3 is available.

$150- As with $50, but with a voucher that allows you to get the Mk1

$200- As with $50, but with voucher that allows you to get the Mk2

$300- As with $50, but with voucher that allows you to get the Mk3

$325- As with $50, but with voucher that allows you to get the Mk3 one week before launch. Limit 5?

$375- As with $50, but with assembled Mk3, with tendons. Left or Right on request.

$500- As with $375, but also servos, servo anchors, power supply and arduino. Left or Right on request.

$900- As with $500 but two hands. R&L,  L&L or R&R

$2000- As with $50, but one Mk3 printed in Titanium and assembled with tendons.

So do you think I’m too heavily reliant on offering discounts? Should there be more lower or more higher rewards? I’m still to hear from i.materialise about the titanium printing so that price may change.

InMoov has an impressive looking hand that’s mentioned here

The stl files can be downloaded from thingiverse here

From what I gather the tendons are the same sort of plastic filaments used in hobby level 3d printers. They are rigid enough to allow pull and push actions, as well as enabling the fingers to curl naturally-ish.