Anthromod Mk2 Printed hand

Hi everybody. It’s been a bit quiet recently but I have been working on a new hand that I think will certainly be a world first!

So what’s so new?

Well it’s printed in one piece! No assembly required, printed hinges and all that. 😀

Ok so slight admission here. First it’s in two pieces, but they are the hand and the wrist/stand. I hope to keep things modular and so kept them separate. It also allows me to use Shapeways discount for large object with over 10% density. It’s odd to have to add material in order to bring down the price, but it’s worth it.

Second slight admission. It’s intended to work with a bowden cable/tendon set up. So think of how a bike brake cable works. Essentially this allows me to make the fingers move without worrying about angles of the wrist. Soon I plan to sell complete kits with bowden tubes/tendons, servo’s, control electronics(arduino or raspberry pi). The hand should have reduced functionality if tendons run straight from joint to servo, but the bowden cable is the neater and more functional option.

So the advantages:

Hand printed in one go, so very little assembly work required.

Fingers tips move independently of finger base.

Fingers can also move side to side, although under-actuated (will explain soon).

Thumb is much more flexible than before and should be opposable!

Modular attachment at wrist, to allow for upgrades.

Stand can be anchored to any base via holes for 3mm screws. Also stand has 12mm cylindrical hole that can be screwed or slotted into.

Upgrades planned include forearm system with mounting points for servos. Also planned finger outer shells that clip on, to alter aesthetics.