After putting together several hands I decided the first upgrade would be to swap how the fingers connected to each other. In the Mk1 set up the fingers would be assembled from the metacarpal (palmbones) upwards. This meant that the tendons would be dangling out both ends of the finger, and so being needlessly fiddly. In fact I often assembled the tip first, just to avoid tendons going everywhere! Now assembly will start from the tip first, and so anchoring the tendons.

Also the tendon anchor points have been altered so that a simple knot at the end of the tendons is all that are required. Previously they needed to be looped around the shaft holding the screw.

Assembly instructions to follow really soon.

Oh and just to show that the hand isn’t just stuck as whatever colour that you can get at shapeways, I gave one a steam punk-esque paint job. Acrylic base coat and enamel on top. Even after about 3 coats of enamel paint I had still hardly used any of the 12ml pots, so a little will go a long way.