Ok so I received the hand from shapeways and it seems pretty good. I’m not so happy about the palm so I redesigned it with more of a curve, and also added a thumb joint. These images are from the hand.

I’ve decided to make the new design available barring any major design issues. I’ve also ordered the design made in polished white strong and flexible (WSF), from shapeways, which will make it feel much nicer, as well as reduce friction around the joints. In my first test there wasn’t an issue with friction, but the whole hand test must have been printed at an angle and so my tolerances weren’t quite wide enough to be perfectly smooth. The joints still turn with ease but the hand is more ‘poseable’ whereas with the first test is was nice and floppy!

I also noticed that a few screw holes weren’t quite wide enough. The screws could self-tap into the nylon, but then became impossible to remove. I think that whoever buys it straight from shapeways will need a 2mm drill bit, to just make sure each screw hole is wide enough.

So Photos time.