Happy new year!

Ok so I’ve made some more molds but still too many issues with bubbles. The problem isn’t soo much large bubbles that can’t escape, but more the issue with smaller ones clinging to the side of the mold. This leaves a horrible sufface texture. Also in the process of adding more air outlets it has become much more time consuming to clean up after the resin has set. Oh I wish there was some other way to do this…

Oh wait I just discovered Protomold! They provide rapid  injection mold prototyping, combined with a nice automated quote system. So a large upfront cost (so I need to get it right first time) but after that it will be alot less labour intensive for me. I can see myself shipping these things out like airfix model kits 🙂

Ok so the problem of the large upfront cost. I’m thinking of setting up an Indiegogo crowdfunding account. Indiegogo is like the famous Kickstarter website but is open to those outside the US. Seriously Kickstarter has been saying it will open up to international projects for years now… Anyway there have been a few very successful Indiegogo Technology orientated projects which gives me hope.

Oh also before I found protomold I went and brought myself a pressure pot and air compressor. The air compressor ended up being larger than I expected and the label says it can go to 104dB… which isn’t good in a flat environment. I think I may put off using them until I’ve moved out from here and back to london, towards autumn this year.

So things are still going and I’m not broke yet! 😀