Monthly Archives: November 2011

Ok so I had a hard drive failure. Full on click of death, £1000+ to only possibly recover, sort of failure. And I hadn’t backed up in two months.

Yep pretty much f*cked up.

Ok so the good news. I’m trying a change of approach! Yes one of them again. Honestly this has actually kept me positive since I’ve slowly been realising that there is a better way to do this, but I’d been putting it off until version 2.0 of the hand. However now that I’ve lost all the designs I’m pretty much back at the start of the process and both strategies are now on an equal footing. The only thing I needed was a long reach narrow mill bit, so with my new tranche of inheritance money I bought 3! Tbh having this mill bit would have made even the old design easier to achieve, but I’d resisted spending more money.

I’ll try and get some images up very soon. I’m currently stuck designing in my head but will get it down onto a magnetic hard disk platter as soon as I can.

Oh and I will back these designs up!