Monthly Archives: October 2011

So I fix one wire. Then I do about 15minutes of milling, then the x-axis starts shuddering and screeching again. Yep another wire has gone! It’s not my soldering job from my first repair, but another original wire. I think I’ll just avoid future problems and just re do all the wiring myself.

Re-wiring so far

Which makes me wonder if it’s worth taking some of my models, that are waiting to be milled, and send them to shapeways, in order to get anything made.

Sorry everyone for not getting back to you. The cnc broke again, on exactly the same numbered wire, but this time for the Z-axis! I’m also messing around with finances, so haven’t had much time to do anything else.
To Glenn and Lawrence, I’ll try and get back to you asap.

Also my cnc just broke on me :'(

Ok so I’ve had a while to get used to the cnc machine. I’ve managed to cut down my milling time by two/thirds, which made me very happy. I’ve been testing out various different mold geometries.

Originally I had planned to pout the resin over a large sheet of silicone and then lay another sheet on top. Thus allowing me to make many pieces in one go. Alas air bubbles didn’t agree with me, and it proved very hard to get the finish I wanted.

So instead I went with a vertical system, whereby I pour resin into a funnel at the top, and air escapes through air holes. After a few iterative attempts it’s working pretty well. 🙂

I’ve made a couple of the most important finger segments now, and although they need a few tweaks, they’re working ok now.

Alas further changes will take a while as I need to fix the cnc. A broken wire on the X-axis, So now I need to get a soldering iron and some wire. Hopefully will be up and running again in a day or so.