So I haven’t been on in a while, but things have happened! Firstly I moved house, which meant that for a couple of weeks I wasn’t able to do pretty much anything on the hand.

Also my computer was being very very stubborn and windows 7 would freeze reliably a few minutes after start up. I had a back up OS in the form of Ubuntu (natty narwhal edition!), but my favourite modelling program wouldn’t work with it. To get around this I have started using opencad, which is a favourite amongst 3D print hobbyists. This is a parameter driven CSG modeller, which basically means that you type in the model using a sort of code, rather than editing with a mouse. Now this approach has it’s strengths and weaknesses. One strength being able to edit things by editing a parameters file with a few keystrokes. You can also place multiple things precisely very quickly, which can be tedious with a mouse.

(essentially I can put down the exact same holes in line, in every part with a bit of typing rather than fiddly mouse measuring!)

Anyway it doesn’t look so nice as before, and there’s been a learning curve, but I think that for basic modelling I’ll stick with Openscad. More fancy mesh based stuff, or pretty rendering I can do with other programs.

The model I sent to Shapeways!

The model I sent to Shapeways!


Other updates. I’ve sent of a complete finger section to Shapeways to be printed. It was actually surprisingly cheap considering that to meet the minimum order size I had to cram more and more stuff in. I might be able to sell stuff on Shapeways at a more reasonable price than I had thought. That will save me a lot of hassle, since they do all the postage and packaging themselves. 😀

Also I’ve got some nice addition cure silicone. Previously I was using condensation, which as the name suggests means water comes out as part of the reaction. This then leads to a volume decrease which may have been a problem. Also it’s transparent so I can see the molds being filled.

Oh I’ve also done some of the legal stuff, which feels weird as I’m no longer un-employed! Now to worry about tax!