So because the design is taking a little while to finalise, I’ve decided to try some merchandising. So to that end I’ve set up an account at Cafepress is an online shop that can take images and put them on t-shirts, mugs, clocks you name it! I’ve placed the logo on a few items that can be brought as of right now!

My shop can be found here

I’ve also set up shapeways account. Shapeways is a rapid prototyping company that also allows virtual shops. I plan on uploading a few 3D designs to the shop in a while. Unfortunately I will only be able to sell parts through shapeways and not the entire hand because a) me making them will cost you the potential customer less and b) there are some metal parts that you probably really wouldn’t want to use shapeways to build, if you want the joints to last.

This very empty shop can be found here