Monthly Archives: March 2011

So after dropping out of my PhD I can work on this anthromod stuff full time.

Hmm still not explained what all this anthromod business is yet have I? Oh well I shall soon enough. Once I’ve figured out how to use this Joomla stuff for the main anthromod site anyway.

So the Rapman is complete… sort of. Still having teething troubles. Such as having the wrong firmware installed, which led to the extruder head performing kamikazi crashes into the Y-axis rollers. Anyway I found out that it was the wrong firmware today, so I resigned myself to having to go into the city and buy some horribly overpriced usb cable from maplins. Then a few minutes ago I was thinking about this horrible injustice when I thought about the previous horrible injustice of having to buy a usb cable for my printer a few months ago… 5 seconds later I’d checked and it was the right type so yay! It’s too late now to install the firmware so I’ll do that tomorrow morning.

Anyway I’m uploading some images of the finished rapman, for your viewing pleasure.

So between bouts of illness I’ve finally made some way on building the rapman. 😀