The Kickstarter was a success. We raised over £12,000!Alas we won’t receive the money until 14 days have passed, so it should be arriving in 5 days. In the meantime I am continuing to refine the design. This mostly involves making it simpler to print and assemble. I have also modified the thumb, to make it more organic as well as easier to position. These designs and test prints have occupied most of my time.

We also plan to open an online shop to take pre-orders. We also hope to make an entire arm, with shoulder joint, available sometime in the next few months.

kickstarter success

2 Responses to Success… 9 days ago… really should have updated sooner.

  • Christopher says:

    Hi Chris

    How are you doing with the plan to make entire arms available for purchase, as mentioned in your article above? Do you have a spec, price and delivery schedule you can email me? Are there any plans for a second round of KickStarter funding?



    • ChrisC says:

      Hi Christopher. Right now we’ve been busy getting the rewards out. As the rewards go out we make the relevant printed parts available via Shapeways, and in the case of the finger rewards we have made it available on thingiverse. This version of the hand should be fully available within the next couple of months.
      We are working on a version 2 which will be closer to a viable prosthesis. We can’t give a delivery schedule as too many opportunities are coming our way, which could substantially speed up or divert our attentions.

      Thanks for your interest.

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