Whilst I’m waiting for Easton to finish sending out the Kickstarter hands, I should update the facebook page.


Well things have been a bit stressful over here, but progress has been made. I sent out the first of the full working hand rewards on Kickstarter. Yahoo!

I tested it first with the shapeways printed hands, of which I made a video.

As always the hands are available here. I’ve learned a few things from their assembly, mostly how to make assembly go smoother, which I’ll add to the files shortly.

As a short break from all this hand building I decided to mess around with stewart platforms and hexapods.

A video of some stewart platform tests.

My thingiverse page for the stewart platform and the mini hexapod.

The mini hexapod is also online on Shapeways.

A pic of it9g hexapod mini

Also a pic of its big brother, to come soon.

Large Hexapod

I’ll be getting back to assembling the Kickstarter hands soon. Easton is back from his speaking tour of South Africa, so hopefully we can get some things out sooner.

Phew the last few months have been hectic. I’ve been doing my end of satisfying the rewards, which meant printing 60 fingers and 10 hands. These weren’t the motorised sort, just the printed and assembled sort. But still they ate up months of time.

Anyway with my end all over I am glad to announce that the hands are available of shapeways.

Hands live on ShapewaysAlso some photos of the assembled fingers and hands.

IMG_0640 IMG_0656

There are collections of fingers on there also. I also developed a prosthetic finger, which I am looking forward to receiving feedback from.

Easton has been busy, at Nasa and giving ted talks. He will soon begin work on the electronic set of rewards. We also got the hand to be printed at stratasys, whilst Easton visited there.

We have several projects advancing at different rates. We have an upper body exoskeleton, which we are finding and designing components for. We have are on a biped robot, which I hope will share alot of techniques with the exoskeleton. We are working on more advanced hands, which are closer to being used as actual prosthetics.

I hope to add some more info and photos over the next few days.


The Kickstarter was a success. We raised over £12,000!Alas we won’t receive the money until 14 days have passed, so it should be arriving in 5 days. In the meantime I am continuing to refine the design. This mostly involves making it simpler to print and assemble. I have also modified the thumb, to make it more organic as well as easier to position. These designs and test prints have occupied most of my time.

We also plan to open an online shop to take pre-orders. We also hope to make an entire arm, with shoulder joint, available sometime in the next few months.

kickstarter success

The Kickstarter is alive!!! The kickstarter is currently live here.

Let’s make the future happen!

Kickstarter page

Ok so we got word back from kickstarter. We needed to change one thing, and then it was ok to go. I also tweaked some elements and improved some information about the project and where we hope to improve the hand in future.

Ooh that launch button is soo tempting!

Ok so we pressed the subit button about 26 hours ago and… well no word yet. Hopefully it’ll be up soon.

Before then you might like this

You can’t really see it there, but the design tweaks I made to the robohand have been incorporated.

It’s clearer here as well as at the top of that page. Glad to see that more kids are being helped by this.

In the very final stretches of launching the campaign. Well kickstarter needs to ok it, which could take hours or days. Hopefully the former.

The interview can be found here

I am expanding to take on custom 3D design work. A new menu item is now available on the website now.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Designing for 3D printing.
  • Product design.
  • Biomimcry in designs.

My conditions will be as follows.

  • £10 an hour (as of writing $15.24, 11.56 euro)
  • I will give you a quote, based solely upon the description/drawings given in our discussion before first payment.
  • Half the quote to be payable up front.
  • Second half to be payable after sending renderings.
  • Stl files to be sent upon full payment.
  • Any changes before full payment, will require a re-quote, and the difference between new quote and original quote to be paid upfront.
  • Any changes after full payment and receipt of Stl file, will require new quote and payment up front.
  • Agreement that I may use design renderings for promotional/advertising purposes, unless explicitly requested otherwise. Your models will always remain confidential.
  • I retain the right to withdraw from work at any point.
  • I can alter my conditions at any point.

If you’re interested contact me at anthromod@gmail.com

Payment via Paypal – email address to be given with quote.